Barntek Hatch-a-Rama!!!

Well, Several months ago, my brother-in-law next door decided (for whatever reason) to take in a rooster and some hens.  His grand kids fell in love with the idea of chickens, so he went to Tractor Supply and got some baby chicks and baby ducks.  They raised them to practically full grown, now, and the hens are starting to lay eggs.

Now, me being the way I am, I have to turn it into a science project/experiment.  I decided to get a small incubator and see if we can hatch some of the eggs they are laying.  If he can get a she-duck, I will try to hatch some duck eggs to.

Todd already has a pen made up ready to raise any chicks we make bring forth.

I bought a 7 egg incubator and will be trying to hatch my first batch of chickens soon.

The plan right now is to start the eggs Thursday August 18,  2016 in hopes that they will start hatching Thursday afternoon September 8, 2016…  Maybe they will spend most the night hatching and be done Friday morning…  24 hours for drying and fluffing will take us to Saturday morning and they will be ready to take out.

So…  wish us luck!!!


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